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Market failure or informational asymmetry in weak health systems of one of Ebola-stricken West African countries: What can the private sector do?

The Sierra Leone health system is currently heavily challenged by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak. The first case of Ebola was identified in Sierra Leone in April and May 2014. In July 2014, a national emergency was called by the President’s Office Since then, a total of 8600 cases were confirmed and 3538 deaths are reported.

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Marketing in healthcare is unique: Dr Alex Hakuzimana - Partner, BlueCloud Healthcare

Marketing in health care is unique
There are a number of ways marketing in health care industry is unique.
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First, it relates to all functions of modern marketing themselves. These functions constitute challenges because operations and processes in health care systems are a combination of a myriad of specialties executed by many people. This makes the task not easy for the marketing managers to explain their business to outsiders.

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How to invest profitably in the African Healthcare Sector - The five determinants

The following blog is an excerpt of a very popular article Steven Adjei wrote for the Pharmaceutical Executive magazine in May 2014 regarding the factors affecting FDI in the healthcare sector in sub-saharan Africa. This article was born after a year of research, where over 100 papers were studied, and over 30 healthcare and investment experts on the continent were interviewed. According to the results of the research, five areas were identified:

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Marketing in the African HealthCare Sector: what you need to know - Dr Alex Hakuzimana, Partner, BlueCloud Healthcare

This insightful article was first published by Dr Alex Hakuzimana, Consulting Partner, BlueCloud Healthcare on the LinkedIn Website on the 9th of Feb, 2015
Although there might be tough regulations on these practices especially in countries where health care services are managed and provided by the state, and while to some extent, rules of supply and demand may be applicable, it is important to raise awareness on the importance of marketing in order to reach the customers, get their feedback on the quality of services provided and plan for improvement. I will focus mainly on care provisioning for clinics, hospitals and other similar care providers.

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Welcoming new talent to the BlueCloud Team

BlueCloud is growing.

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Gradual Investment in Africa tapering off?

We here at BlueCloud are cautiously optimistic and bullish on Africa. And why shouldn’t we be? Africa’s revival is palpable, never mind the occasional stutter. Africa is here to stay. The renaissance continues to be real, despite the ‘coat being a little dirty’ as the African Business magazine alluded to whilst writing on Ghana.
That coat will be sparkling clean again. Just watch and see.

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Health Start-ups: to finance or not to finance?

The difficulty of finding ready-made projects and businesses to finance in the African Healthcare scene is proving more and more of a distant reality. Most big private equity and financing firms aim to steer well clear of greenfield opportunities due to the perception of the high risk involved.

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Research by BlueCloud in the May 2014 Pharmaceutical Executive magazine and website

BlueCloud’s groundbreaking research has been published in the current May 2014 edition of the Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

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The (summarised) case for increased private investment in Africa's healthcare

There is little argument for the need of a significant private capital injection into the healthcare systems of sub-Saharan Africa’s countries.
Donor support is waning, and at the same time, disease profiles of many African countries are evolving: even though HIV/AIDS still remains a threat, we appear to have turned the corner. Infection rates for countries with a high HIV proportion such as South Africa, Namibia and Botswana appear to have levelled out.

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Mr Peabody and Sherman

It may, sometimes be an advantage to start from a position of weakness- this may induce critical thinking out of the box that may inspire novel solutions to old problems. The new animation movie currently showing at the cinemas, Mr Peabody and Sherman epitomises this.

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