Delivering emerging healthcare.

The passion of BlueCloud Foundation is to help alleviate the severe skills shortage in the African healthcare sector by contributing to the training of health professionals on the continent through targeted partnerships with charities and training institutions.

Partnership with LEAD

BlueCloud is proud to partner with Compassion International in sponsoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds for them to be able to break the cycle of poverty. The BlueCloud foundation is particularly proud to partner with Compassion in its Leadership Development Programme (LEAD).

LEAD is a programme where Compassion is able to, in partnership with businesses and individuals, give the students with exceptional academic and leadership potential the opportunity to study further. Potential students get a university education, leadership training, mentoring, and opportunities to serve in the community.

BlueCloud partners with Compassion to sponsor students with the goal of becoming healthcare professionals, and one of the students being sponsored by the BlueCloud Foundation is Solomon Werku Fenzha who is training to have a degree in health sciences at the Mizan-Tepi University in Ethiopia.

HenryHouse International

HenryHouse International School was founded in Ghana to help educate children with disadvantaged backgrounds to have a good education. Henry House has quickly grown to hold over 400 children, and is rapidly becoming one of the best primary and high schools in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The founding partner of BlueCloud, Steven Adjei sits on the Board of Directors of Henry House, and BlueCloud is actively partnering with Henry House to continue to raise funds to further help the school to achieve its vision of ‘children today, leaders tomorrow’.

BlueCloud foundation has pledged to donate a fixed amount of money for every investment deal closed to Henry House, to help sponsor selected students with exceptional academic ability to become leaders and professionals in the African healthcare sector.

Henry House International
P.O.Box HP269,
Volta Region,
Ghana, West Africa

Working with Compassion

Bluecloud Healthcare is delighted to work with Compassion UK. Compassion is an international child development and advocacy charity committed to alleviating child poverty across the world. Compassion works in 6 different African countries including Ghana and Kenya, and are committed to financial integrity and accountability, which is its main distinctive differentiator .To this end, Compassion has been awarded the maximum 4 star rating from the charity watchdog The Charity Navigator for 11 years running, placing them in the top 1% of all worldwide charities.

Bluecloud Healthcare currently sponsors Catherine, an 8 year old from Uganda, and further plans to participate in Compassion’s LEAD program, which is a project to sponsor poor children through further education for them to become leaders in their communities.